Geneva, April 10-14

Premiere Unveiling at Time To Watches

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Artistic Freedom

Schaefer & Companions is an embodiment of Artistic Freedom, where the masterful hands of our Companions unite the noblest métiers d’art with the liberation of creative expression. Enamelling, marquetry, engraving, and micro-painting are not just techniques but pathways to transcend beauty, granting each contemporary timepiece a dimension that is both contemplative and meditative. Every creation is a celebration of the singular beauty and purity of artisanal work, reflecting the human soul’s capacity for deep reflection.

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Solune Antarctica Collection

Crafted by the hands of five Companions, the Antarctica collection brings to life eight interpretations of the continent’s majestic solitude and beauty. Each timepiece, available in limited series, encapsulates the frozen vastness, silent isolation, and resilience of the Antarctic. They are mirrors to the human soul, expressing our connection to this vast, icy expanse.

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