Artistic Freedom

Schaefer & Companions is an embodiment of Artistic Freedom, where the masterful hands of our Companions unite the noblest métiers d’art with the liberation of creative expression. Enamelling, marquetry, engraving, and micro-painting are not just techniques but pathways to transcend beauty, granting each contemporary timepiece a dimension that is both contemplative and meditative. Every creation is a celebration of the singular beauty and purity of artisanal work, reflecting the human soul’s capacity for deep reflection.

This september, delve into the essence of our artistry.

We're excited to showcase the diverse Métiers d’art that elevate each watch into a masterpiece and introduce the Companions whose visions transform every timepiece into a contemporary artwork.


Engraving is the delicate interplay of light and texture, where precision breathes life into metal, etching stories of depth and dimension into each interpretation.

Straw Marquetery

In Straw Marquetry, each sliver of straw is carefully aligned to create a tapestry of light and hue, crafting radiant motifs that illuminate the uniqueness of every creation.


Micro-painting unfolds vast landscapes within the confines of millimeters, imbuing each piece with a narrative depth that invites contemplative admiration.


Enameling is alchemy between color and fire, an ancient craft preserved by our Artistic Companions. It infuses each piece with vibrant, lustrous life that tells its own timeless tale.