La Maison

Schaefer & Companions

Art Beyond Time

Schaefer & Companions expresses its love for art through the creation of exceptional, unique, and artistic objects. Our companions are accomplished artisans who share our passion for beauty and materialize it through their free interpretation driven by centuries-old craftsmanship. This harmony between sensitivities and exclusivity, characteristic of every S&C object, evokes delicate emotions and grants each holder a unique inspiration, testament to the rarity of these pieces.

Our Companions

At Schaefer & Companions, every craft is a crucial individual expression that breathes life into our distinctive creations. We honor the uniqueness and dedication of each artisan, understanding that their personal contribution goes beyond execution, representing true freedom of interpretation.

Thus, we celebrate their craftsmanship and commitment, which infuses each watch with a soul, making each piece not just an object, but an embodiment of the spirit of companionship.

The Enameller

The enameller is the keeper of colors and emotions that enhance each watch. Using refined and ancestral techniques, the enameller unveils a spectrum of hues and nuances that gives each dial a singular aesthetic and depth. It's in this craft that a Schaefer & Companions watch begins to reveal its unique identity.

The Marquetry Maker

The marquetry maker is the composer of balance and beauty. From various precious materials, he assembles complex patterns embodying harmony and natural beauty. His delicate and meticulous work gives visual and tactile relief to each dial, which becomes a miniature echo of the wonders of the world.

The Engraver

The engraver is the sculptor of metal, a master of precision and accuracy. He etches every detail with extraordinary finesse, creating patterns that give each watch its character and personality. Each line, each curve, is the expression of this artisan's hand, giving each watch a unique and recognizable stamp among many others.

The Painter

The painter is the artist of finesse and detail. Armed with his miniature brushes, he creates on each medallion or dial miniature works of art that beautifully convey your emotions. His creations add an artistic and emotional dimension to each watch, making every piece a true object of art.

The Lapidary

The lapidary, a specialist in stone cutting, brings a final touch of shine and brilliance to each watch. Each stone, meticulously selected and shaped, reflects the poetry that characterizes Schaefer & Companions. His rigorous work and ascetic patience naturally compose a true ode to elegance.

Relay of Artistic Heritage

We are ardently dedicated to the perpetuity of knowledge and the training of future generations of artists. These artists, in due course, will in turn create exceptional works. That's why we are firmly committed to encouraging students from art schools, offering them support and encouragement through scholarships, contests, and prizes.

The relay of knowledge constitutes the essence of our mission. By sharing our expertise and our passion for art, we ensure that these exceptional crafts continue to prosper and express themselves from generation to generation.